The Notification below is addressed to the ruling elites of the current world order, and is provided to others on an informational basis.

It has been sent by registered mail to over 1000 of the world's most influential people. The full list of recipients may be reviewed by clicking NOTIFICATION LIST in the menu above.

This Notification comprises the speech of one identified in the Qur'an merely as a 'believing man' and is there made in support of Moses' mission of warning to Pharaoh and his people. It is herein directed, again by a believing man, to members and close supporters of that structure of worldwide governance which predominates today, and is provided in support of Muḥammad's universal mission to mankind “all together” as described in the Qur’an.

The wording of the Notification is taken from The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation, verses 40:29-44, while the comments in the dropdown boxes come from The God Protocol. These publications provide the hermeneutic and expositional basis for this Notification and the statements which attend it here. Both works are by Sam Gerrans and are available free by clicking FURTHER INFORMATION in the menu above.

O my people:

Any man living under the unified, pan-national system which prevails worldwide today may legitimately address the members of the ruling elites thereof in the English language regardless of their countries of origin since English is the dominant worldwide lingua franca; and he may address them with the words “O my people” on the basis of the highly standardised legal, scientific, economic, educational, pharmaceutical, cultural, and worldview norms which have been established across that system. What follows is addressed in the first instance to the leading members of those bodies which comprise the system which governs the world de facto, and provided on an informative basis to those they rule also.

yours is the dominion this day, you being dominant in the land,

It is clear that the standardised systems to which reference is made above exist as functions of your — the elites’ — policies. Those who decide upon and order the implementation of such systems are those who truly govern, and since those systems predominate in all countries, it is correct to speak of a single body of men at the helm of a single system of world governance.

but who will help us against the wrath of God if it comes to us?

You have been given temporal power. And while you may consider that your wealth and position can safeguard you from every eventuality, there is no defence against the wrath of God if it comes. And if it comes, then it will come upon all.

O my people: I fear for you the like of the day of the parties, the like of the case of the people of Noah, and ʿĀd, and Thamūd, and those after them;

You should be aware that numerous communities have been annihilated in acts of God in the past. According to the record of the Qur’an, every community thus destroyed had turned away from God in favour of idolatry and polytheism — a policy much in evidence in your system also. But each community of which we have record exhibited also sins particular to its own society. The system you have engineered and via which you presently rule actively promotes the totality of the sins characteristic of all communities previously destroyed for which the Qur’an provides details. If local societies were destroyed within limited bounds in the past for transgressing God’s law on individual counts, are there not grounds to fear that the present ubiquitous system will be destroyed also in view of the fact that it embraces and promotes every sin characteristic of all communities destroyed in the past combined, and that the resulting annihilation will be total? 

and God desires not injustice for the servants.

Within the record to which we refer — the Qur’an — there is no case in which God destroyed a community arbitrarily. The peoples destroyed in the past received in the annihilation visited upon them the fruits of their own labours.

And O my people: I fear for you the Day of Calling, the day you will turn and go having not against God any defender;

Fearful though any right-minded man should be of the destruction to come upon a community the rulers of which reject a legitimate warning which comports with the protocol under which communities in previous times were annihilated, one should fear more the Day on which eternal damnation and suffering in Hell will be the lot of those who reject an appeal made under the same protocol to turn back to God.

and whom God sends astray, for him there is no guide.

While some measure of hope may attach to this address to you, the elites of the present world system of governance, no man can direct to a right path him whom God has left to stray.

And Joseph brought you the clear signs before, but you ceased not to be in doubt about what he brought. When he had perished, you said: ‘Never will God raise up after him a messenger.’

Such is the response of all evil rulers: to deny those God sends to them because God’s requirements do not comport with their own ambitions, and only to acknowledge such men grudgingly and after the fact. Pharaoh and his elites denied what Moses brought to them; the elites of Jesus’ time denied what he brought to them; and thus far you have denied that with which Muḥammad was sent.

Thus does God lead astray him who is a committer of excess and a baseless sceptic: those who dispute concerning the proofs of God without an authority having come to them;

This statement references what precedes. Although you, the elites of this time, may claim a doctrine which purports to exonerate you of your transgression of what you consider codes of morality binding only upon the profane, the basis for your doctrine is flawed. No matter what you believe, your doctrine does not comprise an authority originating with God. And to dispute genuine revelation on the basis of subjective, specious claims presupposes a path which is at variance with that by which God guides.

great is the hatred in the sight of God and in the sight of those who heed warning;

You should know that your actions are held in contempt both by God and by those who believe in His scriptures and follow the ordinances therein.

thus does God seal every proud and tyrannical heart.

You, the elites, may consider yourselves immune to all forms of assault, but that is a delusion borne of that hubris which is a manifestation of hearts sealed by God.

O my people: follow me;

As per the example established by the ‘believing man’ before the court of Pharaoh in the Qur’an, I am here addressing myself to you, the elites of this time. Like him, my appeal does not originate with myself, but with a prophet sent by God — in this case, prophet Muḥammad, whose revelation from God is preserved in the Qur’an. You will find that revelation systematically translated into the English language under a method free of sectarian taint or the imposition of later sources. This work is published online in its entirety and accessible to all free of charge at

I will guide you to the path of rectitude.

You claim to guide to the right path, but that path takes both those who guide upon it and those who follow it to Hell — so consider, rather, this notification of warning.

O my people: the life of this world is but an enjoyment;

Be warned: no matter what one has now by way of power, wealth, or children, it is as fleeting as the morning mist.

and the Hereafter — that is the house of the fixed lodging.

This life is but a moment, and death is certain and our place after death is fixed forever. Whereas you have power and wealth now, what are they really worth when they are sure to be taken from you at death, and there will remain of value only what faith and good works you sent ahead for yourselves?

Whoso does evil will not be rewarded save with the like thereof; and whoso works righteousness — whether male or female — and is a believer: those enter the Garden, wherein they are given provision without reckoning.

No matter what doctrine you follow, if it diverges from the law of just reward it is a falsehood. The true riches are for those who follow the path of God. While you may hold power over the believers in the current context, this life is certain to end and those who have rejected the call to God will be in the Fire whereas those who heeded that call will receive good things forever.

And O my people: how is it that I invite you to deliverance, and you invite me to the Fire?

The one who follows your path will arrive in the Fire. But the one who submits to God will arrive in the Garden. We will consider next how that is.

You call me to deny God, and to ascribe a partnership to Him with that whereof I have no knowledge;

Your system both requires that one ascribe to the mechanisms of rule which you impose qualities which belong to God alone and that one accept values which are repugnant to His laws. Your system finds no correspondence in a soul God created which retains its pre-existing love for Him.

and I invite you to the Exalted in Might, the Forgiver.

God is high above all men in might, but He accepts the repentance of those who turn to Him. Turn to Him now while there is time, and use the good things He gave you to seek a place in the Garden by promoting a society which is based upon faith in God, scriptural morality, and justice.

Without doubt, you but invite me to that to which there is no calling in the World or in the Hereafter;

Since your premises are false your conclusions can only be false. The falsehoods you serve will betray all who follow after them — both in this life and in Eternity. That is the sum of what you have to offer.

and our return is to God.

We all die; and your wealth and position can do nothing to prevent that fact.

And the committers of excess will be the companions of the Fire.

Those who deny the Creator and work evil will have each other’s company for eternity in the Fire. That is the destination to which the path you follow yourselves and promote to others leads.

And you will remember what I say to you.

You may brush off these words today, but you will remember them in due course. Just as you make those you rule culpable under your laws by means of notifications of warning, you are now culpable before God under His law as a function of this notification of warning.

And I commit my affair to God.

I have no protector besides God, and I commit my affair to Him.

God sees the servants.

God is witness to all things. He knows that you have been served with this notification, and there is nothing you can undertake in consequence to which He will not be witness.

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